Let’s talk about it!

What do you think: is good management young and dynamic, or rather more mature and wise?
Diána Stegena
Country Director

In my experience, good and efficient leadership is diverse; based on characteristics such as age, sex, experience, mentality, style, etc. Of course, based on the profile of the company, it may be desirable to shift management’s composition towards a certain trait. Youthful momentum may provide more openness, and a need for new ideas and solutions, as well as a quicker tempo that often also goes hand in hand with creativity. At the same time, the more mature and wise members of the board can bring experience, a long-term perspective, and the notion of viability and cost-efficiency.

In a diverse management team, you always have extroverts who speak out, and you have introverts who give their opinion in a more reflective manner. It is a good thing if there is someone who comes along with important data and bases their opinion on these, and it is also good if there is someone who thinks of the consequences that a decision will have on personnel. Diversity also requires tolerance and the acknowledgment and acceptance of differences from the team.

This is not always easy, and may even generate conflict. In such cases, a renewed statement of common goals and a clarification of transparent operation may provide management and the organization with new momentum. From my part, I can say that I work in this sort of diverse management team, and we do quite well, even when we are faced with difficult situations.