Let’s talk about it!

What do you think: is good management young and dynamic, or rather more mature and wise?
Ágnes Kovács
Sió Eckes
Managing Director

A certain level of maturity is required in all leadership positions. This assumes thoroughly thought-out and responsible decisions, and is not necessarily a function of age, although there undoubtedly do exist character traits that are age-specific. In my opinion, good leadership always requires complex skills and experience, so the answer to the question is not „either, or” but rather a long list.

A good leader is able to evaluate what is needed in a given situation, which competence he or she should prioritize. A wise approach definitely goes a long way in deciding this, but skills are naturally required as well. Momentum is a bit like the motor of a car: it is needed for the car to get under way, but just what exactly we want to use the car for is relevant as well. If we want to race with it, then we need a strong engine – and let’s not forget: the market is indeed a race!