Let’s talk about it!

What do you think: is good management young and dynamic, or rather more mature and wise?
Csaba Reményi
Country Manager Hungary
Senior Director Bulgaria

It is necessary for the Management Team to be both dynamic and wise. Changes today take place at a faster rate than 5-10 years ago, so more momentum is required. Dynamic leaders are needed, leaders who are able to integrate the new, while continuously adhering to market conditions, to digitalization. At the same time, wisdom and well-processed experience can’t just be ignored. Beware, though: a stance of „comfortable wisdom” can lead to avoidance of risk, and can manifest itself as a retractive force.
Naturally, I do know wise colleagues who are more advanced in age, and yet are able to combine wisdom with momentum, are able to integrate the new, are able to change.

Therefore, the solution would seem to lie in diversification: ideally, both attitudes would be present in our team. We should have dynamic and wise leaders; or, we should have dynamic leaders of great influence who make a stand for innovation, and next to them we should have wise leaders who are able to balance potentially „destructive” momentum for the sake of preserving viability and business sustainability.