Mining, Energy & Utility

The energy industry is currently undergoing radical upheaval, which in the long term will bring about major structural change to the entire energy system.

The energy market of the future will be shaped by a variety of technologies, which are currently at different stages of development. These include solar-thermal systems, photovoltaics, offshore wind parks, biomass and hydroelectric plants. In Hungary new energy efficiency regulations will bring new rules of engagement for both energy suppliers and consumers.

Utilities will be expected to enter into a greater number of cooperations, sometimes also with new players. And everything is going to be smart: Smart grids (intelligent power grids), smart meters (digital electricity meters), smart buildings (energy-efficient architecture) and smart cities will have an impact on all suppliers. Advising customers about how they can improve energy efficiency will increasingly become part of all business models.

In the global energy business, there is a need for managers who can keep an eye on the business objective at all times and the company on course in the face of the conflicting challenges caused by factors ranging from EU regulations to issues of environmental protection. Through the Amrop Group’s international network, we are able to search at home and abroad for the best managers in the industry for Hungarian energy and utility providers.