Financial Services

For decades, the financial services sector in Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe was characterised by strong growth. Today, the focus is on compliance with regulatory requirements.

This focus on regulatory requirements is associated with more stringent capital and liquidity regulations and cutting costs in process management. The technical implementation of all these complex rules requires a great deal of organisational effort and places high demands on business processes, IT systems, and above all, on management expertise.

As far as customers and sales structures are concerned, the last decade has been dominated by independent financial advisors and direct banks. In future, new competitors will set the pace: FIN TECHS. Low market entry fees and a high level of technical expertise combined with a lean cost structure can only be countered with digital evolution. There must be a stronger focus again on innovation, on new products and changed customer needs.

Amrop Kohlmann & Young has been active in the financial services sector for many years. We have been involved in developing numerous new business models and have a sound knowledge of the candidate market.