Professional Services

The business environment for professional services has changed dramatically in recent years. Only companies with an in-depth knowledge of their client’s business, which share their expertise, work transparently and are able to demonstrate how they create added value for the client, will get ahead.

Gone are the days when knowledge-based services, such as those provided, for example, by auditors, lawyers, business consultants and advertising agencies were a kind of black box for the client. Today’s clients are extremely well informed, want to be involved in the processes and be kept constantly up to date. They expect know-how to be passed on within a close network, from which ideally both partners benefit. In addition, steadily rising cost pressure has led to a situation in which professional services are increasingly purchased by procurement departments, a departure from previous practice, which in many cases is pushing long-standing relationships at the executive level into the background.

As one of the leading executive search firms in Hungary, we are thoroughly familiar with this environment. We are therefore in an excellent position to provide other service providers with optimal support in bringing employees on board who not only possess the necessary expertise but also the right mind-set for this sector.