Executive Coaching

Amrop Kohlmann and Young

Amrop Hungary’s Executive Coaching is a flexible, focused, strategically sound investment in maximizing the potential of your people and your organization.

Whether for one high potential person or across an entire organizational team, a new executive level hire or a long standing team member yet to demonstrate their full potential, Amrop has the coaching resources, capabilities and proven process to help you and your people achieve the results you need.

Client-centred, aligned with your business goals and focused on measurable results, our proven process can transform an individual's style, help a team develop synergy and support leadership development in top performers.

Amrop Executive Coaching can support:

  • New Executive Onboarding (First 100 Days)
  • Nurturing and Developing your High Potentials
  • Career Path management to maximize development and potential across the organization
  • "Soft skills" development for technical/subject matter leaders
  • Succession/future leadership capacity development
  • Leveraging potential into performance in current team members

Our Experience

We have worked in a wide range of industries across all functions and bring diverse perspectives and the wisdom of corporate, organizational and entrepreneurial experience to our coaching. We match our business experience and educational credentials with insights gained over thousands of hours coaching hundreds of clients around the world, and we bring the learning gained from every coaching engagement to benefit the next.

Our Expertise

Amrop, as an entity and as a team of professionals with diverse and extensive experience, has a track record of success in Hungary and internationally. Our coaches bring advanced educational credentials and top level professional backgrounds to their work.

Our Process

Our success is predicated on having a proven process for implementation of a coaching initiative no matter how broad or focused. Our integrated coaching system combines assessment findings and insights with executive coaching expertise. By understanding your organization's needs in relation to the strengths, abilities and challenges of your people, our coaches help maximize each individual's contributions.
  • We operate on a model whereby the coach and client meet at regular and frequent intervals in order to generate momentum that results in rapid behavior change or goal accomplishment.
  • We triangulate the coach/client/organization relationships. We understand that our work with an individual is done in an organizational context and we contract on that basis.
  • We collect information. In addition to our own comprehensive and proprietary assessment process (using a combination of quantitative instruments plus qualitative interviews and feedback solicitation, including both qualitative and quantitative 360 feedback surveys) we examine any other performance and evaluation data available to ensure we have as complete a picture as possible.
  • We measure the effectiveness of the coaching, in terms relevant to the client and the organization.
  • We solicit feedback to ensure we learn and improve along with our clients.

Our Standards

Professional standards and ethics and a commitment to integrity guide our work and form the foundation of our client relationships. We adhere to the Code of Conduct and Statement of Professional Ethics of the International Coach Federation and of the Association of Executive Search Consultants..

The Amrop Advantage

We operate in a broad leadership context of which coaching is one part. Our coaching engagements are informed by our understanding of the issues facing the organization's leadership and we align the goals of our work accordingly. The Amrop team, including our experienced coaches, works together to ensure that development initiatives are in tune with the overall organizational strategy.

Amrop provides a national, multicultural, multilingual network of internal and external coaches able to support leadership development across the entire spectrum of organizational needs.